Monday, March 21, 2011

The Feed Barn

The Feed Barns is a new arts collective in Santa Rosa put together by independent artists, crew members form KBC and WhiskeyDrunk Cycles (collectively the Fun Bike Unicorn Club), and founding members of the Handcar Regatta,. We are a cult of tinkerers and this is where we worship.

Murray and a dead 454.


  1. excellent!!!

  2. Good job boychild - make the old man proud!

    Daddy Farish

  3. Do you have space for other artists in the barn?

  4. @Perkunas, We're still getting set up ourselves right now, so we haven't ventured into renting out additional spaces yet. If/when we do, it will be posted here first. Thanks for the interest.

  5. Hells yeah. More space for debauchery!

  6. THIS IS SO GREAT! Now if I can only start one in Marin...wonder if San Quentin has cheap rent?

    You might want to check out Zach Coffin's new sculpture being installed at Cornerstone Sonoma. (Zach did Colossus at Burning Man On May 28 he's unveiling Rockspinner, a huge granite boulder mounted on a base that's precision-balanced so it can be spun by a little kid. Interview w/the artist, food and wine, music, spinning fun...all free, starts at 3pm.